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We help foreign companies to make full use of China's mainstream social media platform, adapt to the mainstream, cater to the habits of users, and constantly expose their brands on the most popular platform, and combine KOL marketing and content marketing strategies to attract more brand followers. So that the values of the brand may flow into the hearts of the public and evoke the consumer's desire to buy the product.






●  Until 2018, the user of Wechat is over 1 billion, and every user keep active every month. The average of daily login user is 570 million. Per capita opening times are about 167 every week.

●  The consumption driven by Wechat message in 2017 reached 209.7 billion yuan.

●  In the end of March 2018, the active users of Wechat mini-programs have exceeded 400 million. Online mini programs are 0.58 million, which mainly involves in more than 2 hundred areas, such as retail, e-commerce, life services, government affairs and people's livelihood.

●  In 2018, Swisse revenue reached 365.6 million Australian dollars through WeChat promotions.




●  According to the data of May 9 2018, it showed the Weibo monthly active users reached 400 million and it reached 411 million in the quarter.  Weibo has become the seventh SNS product whose active users exceeds 400 million.

●  93% of Weibo monthly active users are mobile ones, while daily active users achieve 184 million.

●  After the company Joie opened its Weibo account, its fans are over 1.95 million, which brings a benefit more than 10 million yuan.




●  In 2018, Red was the No.1 among the overseas online shopping e-commerce app in China, with the amount of users exceeded 100 million and monthly active ones reached 30 million so far.

●  Over 1.4 million media members have settled in this app, and 90% of KOL have been gathered.

●  For example, the account of ritatawang in Red, which involves in fashion and dress collocation. Her fans are over 2.6 million, she gets about a million of Likes.

●  Accumulated over 0.26 million clients .



●  Subtle but crucial. China’s Quora-like platform. 

    By the end of November 2018, the users in Zhihu 

    has exceeded 220 million.

●  Most Zhihu users come from the first-tier

    cities and Zhihu has a lot of influential KOLs. 

●  Fenbid indicated the pharmacological knowledge that how Fenbid cure the pain through 

    the first passage What happened after taking the painkiller? written in Zhihu. It helped to 

    build an authority image of the pain treatment and meanwhile it offered the Zhihu users 

    a topic to discuss. In the second passage There Are Thousands of Pain and What Do You 

    Know about Pain?, Fenbid shared the knowledge about physical pain and it deepened the 

    relationship with the consumers.



     Tik Tok

●  Until Dec. 2018, daily active users of Tik Tok 

    had exceeded 250 million and monthly active 

    ones had exceeded 500 million. The users log 

    in 260 million times a year.

●  The download amount of Tik Tok ranks 

    No.1 on the App Store free part.

●  MICHAEL KORS joined Tik Tok and held the challenge of "City T-Station, Not Agree? Come and Tik Tok!". In a  week, he attracted more than 30,000 users to spontaneously create short videos, reaping more than 200 million play times and 8.5 million Likes, which greatly enhanced the brand influence of MICHAEL KORS among young fashion groups in China.




●  In 2017, during the Singles Day festival, four online stores’ GMV exceed 100 million yuan. One online celebrity      has made the record with over 20 million yuan of sales within 2 hours.

●  It’s estimated that this  

    year the market valuation 

    may be over 8 billion dollars.

●  In 2017, during the Singles Day 

    festival, four online stores’GMV 

    exceed 100 million yuan. One 

    online celebrity has made the 

    record with over 20 million yuan 

    of sales within 2 hours.

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